Level 1, London (South Kensington) - 2018


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Name: Siri Sadhana Kaur
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Ashram Experience

The Ashram experience takes place after completion of the 9 weekends.at Quinta do Rajo, Portugal. The dates will be confirmed at the start of course.


Below are the course weekend dates.
Weekend Sat Sun

Weekend 1

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Introduction and course guidelines.What is yoga? Origins & history up to present. Relevance for the transition into Aquarian Age.Types of Yoga: Traditional & modern. KY as the mother of all yogas. Householder’s Dharma. Balance of Shakti/ Bhakti.Golden Chain: Adi Mantra, class structure. Baba Sri Chand, Guru Ram Das, Yogi Bhajan.Code of Ethics – Professional Code & 16 Facets of the Teacher. 7 Steps to Happiness.

20th Jan 2018 21st Jan 2018

Weekend 2

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Quantum Shabd Guru: 4 Yugas, Kali Yug and Naam as the supreme yoga of Kali Yug.The nature and age we live in, the transition between Piscean and Aquarian era.The changes & challenges of the times & what is needed.Sensory human: The body as a communication system. Mantra:The meanings, effects & how to chant the mantras of Kundalini Yoga.Sadhana: A daily discipline of exercise & meditation. Building your sadhana slowly & steadily.

17th Feb 2018 18th Feb 2018

Weekend 3

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The Map: Yogic & Western AnatomyWestern Anatomy: Body systems & specific organs.How stress & lifestyle can effect & how yoga & diet help.Addiction & how yoga helps. Cautions & pitfalls. Power/money/sex.The yoga process: Concept of energetics & rejuvenation/ balance/ elimimation (G.O.D.).Yogic Anatomy: Gunas, Tattwas, Chakras, Nadis, Vayus, Prana & Apana.The Path of Kundalini & the Three Locks/ Bhandas.

24th Mar 2018 25th Mar 2018

Weekend 4

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Breathing & LivingPranayama: Body – Breath – Brain – Consciousness.Its nature, importance, variations & effects.Yogic Lifestyle: Guidelines, wisdom & tips for all aspects of life.How to wake, hydrotherapy, diet, times of day, getting teh best sleep.Addiction: and how yoga helps, link to Cautions & Pitfalls.Relaxation: Its importance, different techniques.

21st Apr 2018 22nd Apr 2018

Weekend 5

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The Technology of the Times:Posture, Kriyas (concept & practice), Asanas (angles, triangles & rhythm).The effects/ benefits/ cautions. Including shivasana.

26th May 2018 27th May 2018

Weekend 6

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Mind & Meditation:The techniques, types, effects over time, stages.Patanjali: Pratyahaar, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi.The 3 Minds. Training the mind.

23rd Jun 2018 24th Jun 2018

Weekend 7

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Humanology:We are Spirits here for the Human Experience.The possible Hu-man Be-ing. Soul’s choice, soul’s journey, birth, 120 days, the mother. Being fe/male, growing up, Moon Points, Lifecycles. Meditations for wo/men.Relationships – the highest yoga. Venus Kriyas. Communication.

14th Jul 2018 15th Jul 2018

Weekend 8

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Roles & Responsibilities:In & out of the class setting.The art of being a student, 5 Steps to Wisdom, the 4 Errors, 2 Laws – keep up & deliver. The nature & art of a teacher – Teacher’s Oath.Teaching in different spaces, different levels, different groups.Before, during & after the class. Managing the time, space, ambience & the people.Message, marketing, media. Preparing yourself & preparing the class.

22nd Sep 2018 23rd Sep 2018

Weekend 9

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Yogic Philosophy, Death & DyingPhilosophy: Key terms & common concepts in Yogic Philosophy. Sutras of Patanjali.Importance of concentration.Yamas & Niyamas in detail. From Pranayama to Samadhi.Maya & the cycle of manifestation – the ladder of subtlety.Death & Dying: What happens when we die & after we die?The stages, issues, opportunity & technology. Dead/ Liberated while alive.

20th Oct 2018 21st Oct 2018