Karam Kriya School

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - London, UK

Welcome to Karam Kriya School

Karam Kriya School has been offering Kundalini Yoga teacher training courses in the UK, approved by the Kundalini Research Institute, since 2000.

  • LEVEL 1: Currently, there are Level 1 courses Online and in London, Birmingham and Glastonbury, including residential and non-residential. 
    Please go the Level 1 page for contact details of course organisers.

  • LEVEL 2: Level 2 teacher training runs each year in London. Visit the Level 2 page for further information.

  • KARAM KRIYA: The school also offers Karam Kriya training as a support for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

  • For courses run internationally with Karam Kriya School, please visit karamkriya.org

Ashram Experience

Come and learn about yogic lifestyle by living it!

Part of our level 1 training course, the 5 day ashram experience, is also open to all who may wish to learn about holistic living or just enjoy a yogic retreat set in beautiful surroundings.

“Why are you becoming Teachers? Because it is the highest status in a human life.
It is elegant, it is excellent and it is  very, very, very, very, very fulfilling.” – Yogi Bhajan

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