Karam Kriya School

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - London, UK

Ashram Experience, Portugal


For all Level 1 courses, this 5 day residential is the final part of the KRI Aquarian Teacher Training as organised by the Karam Kriya School and is an essential part of the training experience.

Trainees are recommended to undertake the Ashram Experience at least one year after the start of the course (when most if not all modules locally have been attended) and within 20 months of starting the course.

For trainees on UK courses, the cost is 374 Euros when you book online for teaching fees.

Note: food and accommodation costs are covered in your local course fee for the Ashram.

Note: there are many options to attend the Ashram Experience throughout each year and trainees book their own place to suit their schedule.

Note: read the terms and conditions on the Quinta do Rajo website when booking your place. If you cancel your place on the training or drop out for any reason throughout the course but have booked and paid for your Ashram Experience place, Quinta will refund you 50% of the 374 Euro fee.

For dates beyond those listed on website, please contact: Rita, centre manager: info@quinta-do-rajo.pt 

Location: Quinta do Rajo is in Santa Susana, a village located between Ericeira and Sintra, about 45 minutes, by car, from Lisbon. The Ashram is surrounded by countryside, overlooking the valley of the Lizandro river. In the area, there are rural villages merged in a landscape of deep valleys and high hills. Just ten minutes from Quinta do Rajo, there are white sandy beaches framed by high cliffs, providing panoramic views of extraordinary beauty. The sunsets in these beaches are unforgettable. http://www.quinta-do-rajo.pt

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