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Aquarian Teacher Training – Level 2

How to apply?

UK Enquiries:
For more information or to apply for Level 2 modules held in London, UK, contact:

E-mail: Siri Sadhana Kaur
Tel: 07985439657

Non-UK Enquiries:
For more information or to apply for Level 2 modules held in other countries use the contact details provided for that event on our international website.

Course Content


The Aquarian Teacher Training Level 2 is an international programme consisting of 5 modules described below. It is intended for level 1 certified Kundalini Yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding and connection with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

The course and tutors are approved by IKYTA and KRI.


Conscious Communication

Hold the teacher‘s voice. Empower your speaking. Deepen your listening. Sounding from the navel. Pitching from the chakras. Projecting & defending. Prayerful communication. Communication blocks; fear/anger. Hidden self, shadow self & the mask. Uplifting others through the frequency of your communication is a direct path to self-mastery.

Life Cycles & Life Styles

Review your personal biography in a manner that will set you free from the dead weight of the past and turn lead to gold. Learn to harmonise the 7, 11 and 18-year cycles of your life and why this is important. Establish your future projection so that the flow of prosperity is a natural consequence of the balance of the rhythms. Step further into the practical science of transforming your life from habits that are soul-demoting to a discipline that is soul-promoting.

Authentic Relationships

Include yourself in God by full participation in the human experience. From incarnation of your spirit through living conscious relationships to merging with the divine while alive. Every relation is a manifestation of the relation between the individual soul and the Universal Soul. Practical discussions, exercises and meditations that give a deep insight into the most basic nature of man and woman as well as the methods to realize the highest consciousness through fulfilling your humanity.

Mind & Meditation

Conquer the mind and you will conquer the world. The mind is the problem yet within it is the solution. This is the opportunity for an in depth exploration of the mind, its functions, facets and projections. Learn to recognise your own tendencies and experience the meditations that transform the mind into a truly great and helpful servant of your soul. The medatative mind provides the means to be still, intuitive and creative.

Vitality & Stress

“God only lives in cosy homes”, Yogi Bhajan. The body is the temple. With its biochemistry, neuro-transmissions, five winds, pranas, nadis and various physical and subtle organs. Subject to so much internal and external stress how can it become like gold and radiate?
Vitality is the capacity of the nervous and glandular system to respond and adapt. it is also a sign of a harmonious relationship to the vastness of the cosmos and its laws. Stress can be the training ground to develop this capacity or it can produce a degeneration of this capacity.

For locations & dates of upcoming level 2 modules visit the international website.

Course Goals

In Level 2, through your personal practice, group process, deep interactive discussion, intense meditations, you will go through a transformation that will help you to deepen your own direct perception of the teachings. It will also serve to improve your ability to create and maintain the Sacred Space of a Teacher.

This course will help you to:

  • Tap deeper into the wealth of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings
  • Be part of a community and nourish the inspiration to offer others the chance
  • Strengthen your connection to the Golden Chain
  • Build more sense of community amongst your peers
  • Take the teachings into the world on a deeper level

Excellence is acknowledging your own divinity and guiding others to realise it within themselves.


The cost, in the UK, is £565  per module.

Modules held in other countries are subject to different fees. Visit the international website to find contact information of local organisers of level 2 modules in other countries. Enquire with them to find out pricing of modules in the country you are interested in.

Note: There are 5 modules in total, so the total cost of level 2 will amount to the sum of each of the 5 modules that you undertake.

Entrance Criteria

In general, applicants are expected to hold a KRI Instructor Certificate in Kundalini Yoga: i.e. Aquarian Teacher Level 1. A copy of this must be submitted with your application. However, long term KY students or yoga teachers of other disciplines may also apply.

Completion Criteria

To become a KRI certified level 2 Practitioner you must complete 300 hours of training, which includes 240 hours of classroom instruction in the five level 2 modules listed, and 60 hours of additional requirements to be completed outside of classroom time; including a home exam.

Location & Dates

To view the locations and dates of more upcoming level 2 modules visit the international website.

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